To my few readers or anyone whose eyes happen to glance at my posts, I welcome you. A quarter of the year has past since my last post.

Although I have been absent, it has not been without many fruitful endeavors. I have so much to share, tons to unravel, and an endless stream of thoughts and frustrations to disclose.

I find myself in this state of mind quite often, well, at least since I last wrote to y’all. Since I’ve been gone, I have battled beast and foe, struggled against lonesomeness and idleness (although filled with irony), and truly lived the life of a wanderer.

If any part of it is summed up in a word, that word is irony. It is all ironic. There truly is a dichotomy to it all. To what exactly? Life. I used to say that everything in life is the pursuit of the equilibrium. Well, I have discovered that even an equilibrium is a dichotomy. There are always two sides to it all. Ironic, isn’t it?

In my next post, I will delve through it all and put pen to paper… I suppose in this case words to a page. Regardless, I hope to share some thoughts that one may find relatable and useful in their state in life.

Jusqu’à demain ~

An unknown location somewhere in Northern California. God help us all.

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