Shall we protect those who cannot speak for themselves?

I am a 21 year old man who is single and without children. I cannot address this topic from the biased front to which I am inherently placed in a position to protect those who are dependent on me.

I am able to speak on behalf of the vulnerable. I have had my fair share in this relatively short life of mine defending those who were not able to defend themselves. Be that as it may, those who were not able to defend themselves did not lack the responsibility to defend themselves, rather I was placed in a responsible position to do so for them.

I have had my well deserved share of fun. If my parents have taught me anything, it is that you must give respect to everything according to the degree that merits it. When it comes to drinking a beverage of the alcoholic variety, I do enjoy a few beers here and there. The difference is the respect I grant it. I understand it’s power and at the end of the day it is nice to relax with a beer or a glass of wine.

Culturally in America, drinking is more of a deep rooted issue than many understand. There is a societal approach to drinking in America that I like to call, “Blackout or back out”. Similar to other industries in America, it is centered around the gluttonous state of being that we all live in. In terms of drinking, this is completely detrimental. I spent the last 5 weeks living all over France. I spent time with over thirty different folks and all of them were shocked when I took a shot of whiskey as opposed to sipping it. They also took notice that I drank my beer faster than anyone else and next thing they knew, I had gone through six beers by the time they had finished their second. When one is taught that alcohol must be granted the respect that it merits, especially from a young age as they do in Europe, you then in return merit from it the natural efficacy intended for it.

In America, we must protect and defend those who cannot defend themselves, and in my current state in life, this includes the drunk and disorderly. I will provide the ways in which I have set in place to ensure a nice evening responsibly.

1: Invite people to your home and create a comfortable setting

2: If driving is unavoidable, carpool

3: Set a pace and understand your tolerance – throw in a water here and there and/or have a well planned out snack/food stand. (Avoid fatty foods)

4: Have a good group of friends to drink with and if one seems to be out of control, take control of the situation and make sure he/she does not make any decisions they will regret

5: Always have a good smoke with the finer wines or whiskeys. Alcohol is a depressant and although it affects others differently, naturally it relaxes the mind and body, so does a smoke.

With a few of these tips, you can change the dynamic around drinking with your friends and handle every situation that inevitably arises responsibly. As the title of the post entails, it is about protecting not controlling those who cannot control themselves. Hopefully, in the event any reader of mine is found in a situation where they can make use of what I have written, I will have been of good use. Let us change the dynamic within society one issue at a time.

Jusqu’à demain~

St Patrick’s Pub~ St Malo, France

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