Food for thought, looking for feedback

I was stuck in bed, staring at the ceiling like most of us do when we can’t sleep. I had words running through my head without a clue as to what they meant. Two of my buddies were lying on the floor below me fast asleep so I couldn’t ask them what they thought so I wrote it down in my notes. Well, once they were organized, I ran with it and wrote a poetic story with it. Here it is, I’d like to know what y’all think:

I was once extremely driven
I don’t know the man I found
Each step I take, it replicates
Despairs’ endless sound

See the thought took me by surprise
That The man I aimed to be
would stare right back into these pale blue eyes with nothing worthy to see
Not only did he see a man desperate for more time
He stared into the pale light blue shocked at what he’d find
He stared awhile longer til something surfaced up
The cries, the horrors, the shrieking sounds had finally boiled up
See, one cannot make these sounds united body and soul
A lifeless gap must separate man from his eternal goal
Without it we are nothing so all we do is try
And when left without it, out come the dreadful cries
One says it’s life’s greatest pain, I pray it can’t be true
Til all color is drained from you, especially the pale light blue
In these eyes I came to see my own greatest fear
That after it’s my time to go I will eternally sear
Forget life’s greatest pain, that I will endure
Endurance is intentional and of that I am sure
If this man’s eyes had lost all hope in him I must remind
There’s more to him than those pale blue eyes that he’d have left behind
He’d leave the sound of trumpets, filling the bright blue sky
Only to find the moans and screams and never ending cries
To fill this gap within his life it’s not driven that he must be
He must only hope in life’s one and only security
It seems somehow he’s lost it however that may be
How he must find it, well, we’d have to wait and see
As the stare broke and life came back, the root of all this terror, happens to be the man looking back right there across the mirror
Ones greatest fears of death and despair are trapped within those eyes, one finds themselves paralyzed by the truth within those lies
Now how can emotion be both truth and myth?
Just take a look and see
He hears the words he’s lying with
And truth that must be
See the noose is tied by his own tongue, from friends to family,
the words resound within his head with perfect clarity
So he nestles back with nothing left but false security
And down he falls forever trapped in the pit of misery.

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