Cling to your nature

I do not intend for the title of this post to mislead you. I am not telling you to go outside and hug your large oak tree for dear life. If you find yourself doing so, hide yourself from the sight of anyone dear to you for at least three hours and think about what you’ve done.

I am speaking of your intrinsic nature. This train of thought was inspired by a conversation I had with a former teacher of mine. As of a year ago, we have become quite close insofar as to say he was no longer my teacher but a friend. Now, I would call him family. My point is, even though we have gotten closer, he never stopped being my teacher. I can to this realization tonight when I, without the ability to stop myself, continue to question everything I hear. « But why? I know it’s off topic but why? » When I brought up the fact that I realized he never stopped being my teacher he said that it is in his nature. Personally, I find it hard to believe that we can escape that which is intrinsic to our nature.

Gramat, France ~ remember where you’re going to end up and live your life accordingly

I question everything. I am constantly curious. Why am I curious? (You see what I did there) Because it is in my nature. Do not let go of the part of you that glorifies the imagine and likeness of Christ. Everything that is intrinsic to you is the part of the glory of God deemed most fitting for your unique soul. Cherish it and bring it into fruition.

Saint Jean-Marie Vianney~ Ora Pro Nobis

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